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just give in and be daddy's dumb little slut
Edge Like a Good Girl

So, you’ve decided to edge. That’s great! It’s the first step to turning all those pesky brains into pretty pink mush. But, just rubbing without cumming isn’t good enough. Here are some easy tips to take your edging to the next level 

1.Stick your tongue out 👅 like a cute little puppy. This is a great way of just feeling dumber when you rub. It’s pathetic and desperate and best of all adorable. Don’t be afraid to drool too. Let all that spit dribble over those tits. Good girls look best covered in their own mess.

2.Don’t break eye contact 👀 Stare into the screen and never break away. Become obsessed, transfixed. Lock your eyes onto your porn. Even when your giving your pussy a break, keep filling that mushy brain with cocks and tits. Forget where you are, who you are, what you’re even doing. All you care about is how good it feels to rub and how jiggly her tits look when she bounces on that yummy cock. 

3.Use headphones 🎧 just like you don’t want to see anything but tits, pussy and cock, you don’t want to hear anything but moaning and begging. Noise cancelling headphones are perfect for this. Not only will the moans fill your head, sounding like you’re actually there, it blocks out all those pesky distractions.

4.Mumble whatever your thinking 🧠 You don’t want to just rub, encourage that silly little imagination. Say whatever thoughts come into your head. Listen as they devolve slowly from thoughts to words. Thinking to repeating. “I wanna play with her big tits” will become “Bouncy. Bouncy. Bouncy” In no time. This can be made even better with headphones because you can’t hear yourself speak, so you think about it less. This is one of the hardest changes but also the most effective. Don’t force it, just keep speaking and let it happen. Best of all you’re showing your daddy just how stupid you’ve become ❤️ he’ll be so proud.

5.Suck on something 💋A dildo is best but anything work, lollipop, icy-pole, even your fingers. Even better if you can make it taste yummy. You want to teach your brain to love sucking. Connect the pleasure in your pussy to the joy of sucking. Soon you won’t be able to rub without something in your mouth. It’ll feel odd and you’ll miss it. You’ll be forced to fill your mouth every time you touch your pussy. Soon after that, the feeling won’t go away. It’s not just when edging now. It’s always. Your mouth feels empty without something in it, you need to suck to be happy. Daddy always lets you suck doesn’t he?

6.Taste yourself 👄 fall in love with the taste of your own pussy. Don’t just do it to be cute, do it because you like it. You want to taste your pussy. You want to be wetter so there’s more pussy juice to shovel into that dumb little mouth. It makes you happy. You need to be wet to taste but tasting makes you wet. Keep going. Taste and taste until your pussy is soaking wet and your cheeks are smeared with your own wetness. Train your pussy. It wants to be wet. It needs to be wet.

7.Add chance 🎲 Don’t just rub as long as you want, let change decide for you. There are a ton of edging games out there but you can make your own. It’s a fun way of submitting. You lose so much power, flipping a coin or rolling a dice, praying to finally be free. It’s an adrenaline rush that adds so much more to the experience. But along with that, it will push you and your pussy further than you ever could. Sure you might thinking edging 20 times is impressive but when you roll snake eyes and have to face a 50 edge punishment, you’ll reach a whole new meaning of cum crazy. Let your daddy make the rules if he wants, he can even enforce them as he wishes.

You can pick and chose any of these options, find whichever ones you enjoy the most. But the best piece of advice I can give is always perform. Don’t just rub, pretend like you’re on camera. Revel in the feeling, moan, whine, beg. Don’t just rub passively, allow yourself to be consumed by it. Give in. Don’t think. But most of all, have fun ❤️

I'm going to try this.

4 is such a great suggestion. I would think most people would naturally mumble what they're reading as they scroll.

I remember this from Tumblr.

"Did you get the latest Update, Stephanie?"

"Yes. Programming completed. Upgrade installed"


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